Bakshaish Carpet

Reference Number: 17066
Size: 14 ft 2 in x 11 ft 1 in
Origin: Northwest Persia
Woven: Circa 1875

Bakshaish Carpet_17066


The town of Bakshaish is located in the mountainous Heriz region of Northwest Persia, and is generally accepted to be the oldest weaving village in this district. It is noted for producing carpets that display bold abstract interpretations of the nomadic tribal rugs woven in that country as well as the Caucasus mountains directly to the north. The weavers of this village primarily produced room-size carpets executed with natural dyes that often include soft pleasing tones of madder, sky blue, terracotta, camel, ivory, and saffron. The graphic patterns and designs are often accentuated by their asymmetry as well as their placement on sparsely ornamented fields.

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