Egyptian Heriz Carpet

Reference Number: 16867
Size: 14 ft 0 in x 10 ft 2 in
Origin: Egypt
Woven: Late 20th Century



Heriz is a town in northwest Persia (Iran) that has been producing carpets since the 19th century. It is located on Mt. Sabalan, a major source of copper, whose summit is 15,784 feet. The grade of wool used in these carpets is amongst the best, a result of both the high altitude as well as the presence of trace copper in the drinking supply of the local sheep. Carpets from this weaving center are known for having bold geometric interpretations of floral motifs in their patterns. This is attributable to the proximity of the Caucasus, a neighboring mountainous region between the Black and Caspian seas primarily populated by nomads, directly to the north. Heriz carpets are influenced by both the design and coloration of their counterparts from this region. However it needs to be mentioned that Caucasian rugs are seldom found in room sizes, making the Heriz carpets more practical for western rooms and applications. Many examples feature large central geometric medallions flanked by corner spandrels executed in primary colorations. Allover patterns are not as common. Older examples tend to have more dramatic designs utilizing large areas of sparse ornamentation.  This carpet is the product of a recent production in Egypt that meticulously reproduces the designs and colorations of antique Heriz or Serapi carpets.

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