Karabagh Gallery Carpet

Reference Number: 17307
Size: 12 ft 6 in x 4 ft 5 in
Origin: Southwest Caucasus
Woven: Circa 1900



The Karabagh region in the southern Caucasus has produced carpets since the 13th Century. It is an area populated by Christian Armenians, Kurds, Azeri Turks, and Muslims. Rug production developed significantly during the second half of the 19th Century, when carpet weaving commenced for commercial purposes. The carpets from this region tend to have very graphic designs woven in primary colorations comparable to the Kazak rugs woven directly to the north. It is generally accepted that examples from the southern part of this mountainous region employ more curvilinear ornamentation due to the proximity of Persia. Throughout the first half of the 19th Century, the Czarist Russians attempted to gain control of this region, ultimately succeeding in 1865. Their influence can be seen in a certain sub-group of Karabagh carpets woven in floral, European patterns. This design aesthetic was extremely popular during this period, as many members of the aristocracy filled their homes in St. Petersburg with French furniture, creating a demand for rugs and carpets that blended well with this style.

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