Tabriz Carpet

Reference Number: 16848
Size: 14 ft 8 in x 12 ft 1 in
Origin: Northwest Persia
Woven: Circa 1935



The city of Tabriz in northwest Persia is acknowledged as central to the revival of the carpet industry in the late 19th Century. Merchants from this area were well aware of the demand for Middle Eastern decorative objects from the west, and the location of this city was convenient for exporting items to both Europe and America. The carpet-producing industry here was organized primarily in factories ranging in size from between ten and one hundred looms. The quality of these carpets is considered to be among the best, with the usage of wool indigenous to this high-altitude region, woven in symmetrical knots on a cotton foundation. Some examples can have weaves finer than 400 knots per square inch. The designs of these carpets are both accomplished and eclectic, as traditional patterns from other weaving regions are often utilized and presented in refined manners with pleasing color palettes.

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